How does myComply help trainers such as myself? (VIDEO)

myComply’s trainer solution allows you to create classes, manage students, create bookings, accept payment, and more! To see how our solution will make your training easier and more efficient, please visit our trainer page.

I’d like to see what this platform is all about, in real time. Is that possible?

We always love to chat! If you want to book a quick demo of everything myComply has to offer, please find a time here.

How do I start accepting payment online?

To begin accepting payment, you will have to register for a Stripe account – It’s quick and free! Just hit “Connect your Stripe Account” at the top of your trainer administration page to get started.

I work with other trainers, and I’d like them to access the administration page too. Is this possible?

Absolutely. To let others administer your page, just add their email addresses under User Admin Management.

Can I sell SST cards to my students?

Yes. To learn more about how our system works with SST cards, please contact one of our sales representatives at