A Qualified Workforce Starts Here. 

We empower contractors to ensure a 100% qualified workforce on their jobsites through the use of intelligent software and on-site hardware solutions. 

A 100% Qualified Workforce Reduces Risk and Lowers Insurance Premiums

Built For All Who Proactively Manage Risk on Their Sites.

Ensure that 100% of workers on your site have the required, up-to-date training and site orientation. Lower EMR, incident rates, and insurance costs with a qualified workforce you can be confident in to work safely.

Combine the power of myComply’s Smart Brick, Smart Badge, and intuitive software to uncover real-time insights and on-demand reporting. Implementation takes only a few hours, and the plug-and-play solution can be working on your sites in a matter of minutes. Explore the solutions trusted by over 5,000 contractors worldwide to ensure a 100% qualified workforce. 



• Lower EMR (Experience Modification Rating) and Risk Score

• Increased likelihood of sufficient coverage during a hard market for construction firms.

• 70% of active projects using myComply are receiving insurance benefits (i.e. lower premiums)


• Track site attendance and hours worked for all who enter the job

• Real-time insights as to which subcontractors, and their workers, are on the job.

• Integrated timesheets and manpower logs shared to software systems you already use.


• Connect myComply Smart Hardware and software to systems you already use

• Software integrated with systems like Procore and Autodesk

• Plug and play hardware solutions or integrate hardware with existing access control turnstiles.

A myComply Site.

A qualified workforce reduces risk of incidents by up to 60% (OSHA). 

A safe work environment starts with qualified individuals. A qualified individual is someone with up-to-date, verifiable credentials and/or meets the standards you set to be working on your job.

  • Record manpower hours and timesheet information
  • Set your site standards and only allow individuals who are qualified on the job
  • A plug-and-play solution, or an integrated solution with any access control turnstile
  • Implementation in hours, not weeks
    (yes, we’re serious)

Industry Proven Solution

Blue-collar, tough industries rely on myComply to ensure a qualified workforce.
We work with clients all over the globe to manage risk and lower incidents.

Contractors Trust myComply for Credential Management

Projects Trust myComply to Ensure a Qualified Workforce

Credentials Verified Using myComply

What Our Clients are Saying

“Our team needed real-time data to present to regulatory agencies that come to the construction site and [myComply] makes a task that would take hours and involve multiple people, really fast with only one person and a smartphone. Having a worker’s information and certifications for emergency purposes at your fingertips is just a bonus.”

Christopher Huck

Project Manager, Monadnock Construction

Bozzuto Construction

Uses myComply Smart Products on construction projects to verify a qualified workforce. Read the case study.

Wm. T. Spaeder 

Uses myComply’s Smart Badge for credential accessibility for workers in the field. Read the case study.


Ditched the spreadsheets and uses myComply’s software to manage company certifications. Read the case study.

A Hard Market for Insurance

You buy an alarm system for your home to reduce insurance costs, but what about your job sites? Talk to your risk team or insurance provider about myComply to reduce costly insurance premiums.

We’ve entered a hard market for insurance. Risk managers, consultants, and insurance firms rely on technology like myComply to ensure their clients coverage.

Ready to explore how a qualified workforce reduces risk and saves you money? 

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