Digital Form Builder

The Digital Form Builder revolutionizes data collection and workflow management by seamlessly digitizing traditional paper-based processes. The user friendly interface allows you to create fully customizable digital forms, distribute them to workers, and review submissions from any device.

How it Works

Create, Automate, Distribute

It’s not just forms, it’s a forms builder and process manager.

Return On Investment

Go paperless, save time, increase efficiency, reduce admin work, and invest in safety culture.


Forms can be integrated into your orientations. Forms can be created, distributed, & tracked (JHA, PTP, Incident, PPE Request).


Ensure full completion of forms with mandatory fields, send notifications upon completion, and have one single source of truth.

Document Management

Forms are instantly accessible now and in the future. No more searching through boxes and folders for old paper-based forms.

Integrate With

Digital Orientations

Include forms within fully customizable digital orientations and collect valuable worker information in the onboarding process.

 » Replace manual paperwork with digital documentation

 » Standardize & digitize data collection for new worker onboarding



Project specific orientation mockup projects pro
qualification tracking with mycomply's projects pro

Set Conditional


Set dynamic conditional requirements within forms to enhance user experience and streamline data collection.

   » Ensure that users provide relevant information based on previous responses

   » Increased accuracy by only asking for relevant details based on situation

   » More efficient and quicker form-filling process

   » Increase completion rates by simplifying the form-filling process

   » Better data quality by ensuring users provide all relevant information based on their situation


Full Access to Form

Template Library

Take full advantage of pre-built form templates and build custom templates for future use.

  » Ensure consistency & standardization in your organization

  » Save time and effort with the use of templates 

  » Use templates as a starting point when building new forms 

Project specific orientation mockup projects pro

Digitize data collection with myComply