Smart Badge
NFC enabled cards and decals showing live safety training information for construction workers.

Don’t Carry Multiple Certifications to Site

Construction workers don’t have to carry numerous cards, papers, and certifications to site. Enable your workforce to always have proof of training and emergency contact information available anytime.

For Your Project(s) or Company

The cards or decals can be used on your projects. Ensure all workers on your job site have a Smart Badge  including your sub-trades, site visitors, and anyone who steps on site.

Want these for your own team? We can outfit individual teams (companies) with Smart Badges. 

The Card

Durable and industry proven, the Card Smart Badge is designed to fit neatly in your wallet or clipped on to your clothing/belt. Cards work great when your team(s) are used to carrying ID to site.

The Decal

The Decal Smart Badge is 3M durable, and is the first of it’s kind in the industry. Decals on your site instill confidence that all workers are trained simply by taking a glance at worker’s hardhats.

We’re happy to package the decals & cards together at a discounted price. If you’re managing multiple job sites or need a larger order we will work to accommodate you with a tailored quote.

“With the Smart Badge, we’re able to essentially scan [workers] and pull all of that critical information. It allows them to have everything at their fingertips, and it allows us to stay in compliance with our customers by presenting those credentials on demand.”

Kassandra Koser

Senior Safety & Risk Manager, Wm. T. Spaeder

Wm. T. Spaeder Case Study (Click to View

Find out how this 105+ year old business uses Smart Badges to allow field workers to
always have safety information readily available. 

Daily Attendance on Your Project

Use your Smart Badge or myComply Smart SST Card to check into the job site. Contractors can run a mobile, stationary, or integrated check-in on their job site.