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myComply Card Badge


NFC enabled safety badges showing live safety training information for construction workers.




The Card

Built for Construction

Assign myComply Smart Badges to your team. Upload a worker’s training to the card and equip them with a resource to store all of their training certifications.

Workers can carry a physical card in their wallet, tool belt, or clipped to their safety vest. The myComply card Smart Badge fits neatly in a wallet or on an existing card clip. Tap a smartphone to this badge and you’ll see all of the training that the worker has.

Custom Badges

Want custom branded badges? 

If you’re interested in custom branding for your company we can put together a design you’ll love. These are the same great cards that link to myComply’s free software, but with your brand/logo. 

How do they work? 

Near-field communication (NFC) is used in myComply’s Smart Badges, allowing the badges to connect with mobile devices.

Typically, a user would use their smartphone to tap a badge. Bring the badge within 4cm of your phone, your smartphone will then pull up the worker’s profile and training information.

Have you ever tapped to pay with a credit or debit card? We’re using the same technology!

Watch the video on our Smart Badge help page to view how to program Smart Badge technology to your myComply profiles.


Need a lot of badges?

Email team@mycomply.net or call our team at 1-877-583-9303 for a quote!

We’re happy to negotiate prices for large enterprises and talk about custom company branding.