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What is myComply?

myComply is an online collection of tools used by industry professionals to manage training and compliance. From scheduling classes and keeping track of employee qualifications, to sharing safety information across a job site, myComply will save your team time and money.

For more information about all we have to offer, why not chat with one of our representatives? Book a live demo.

How does myComply make money?

myComply offers a wide range of solutions, with some provided free of charge, and others provided for a fee. To best understand our pricing model, please visit our pricing page.

How does myComply track training?

myComply will track any training you’d like, for as many employees as you need. You can create your own certification names, add proof, set an expiry date, and receive automatic notifications when those certifications are set to expire.

Companies can also order custom Smart Badges for each employee. With the tap of a phone, supervisors can instantly see all an employee’s certifications, their emergency contact information, and more. To learn more about how myComply’s safety tracking can keep your team safe, visit the companies page.

What is the 'myComply Certified Contractor' logo and how do I become certified?

Our certified contractor logo lets industry members know that your team puts safety first. It can be placed anywhere from email signatures to marketing materials.

If you’re interested in using our certified contractor logo, please contact us at

Where can I learn more about myComply?

The best way to learn about our platform is by scheduling a demo with one of our representatives. You’ll be able to ask questions, see how a live account works, and discuss any concerns in real time.

If you’re interested in what we have to offer, or just want to learn more about the platform, you can book a demo with one of our friendly support members.