What is a Smart Badge?

myComply’s Smart Badges allow for quick access to employee data on site, with the tap of a phone. By using our secure NFC technology, any employee’s data can be loaded onto a small badge. This can include certifications, personal information, emergency contact information, and more. To learn more about myComply’s smart product, please visit our information page.

I’ve received my Smart Cards and would now like to program them. How do I do this? (VIDEO)

All you’ll need is a smart writer, and the myComply Desktop App. To learn how to use these products, please view this short video:

Where can I learn more about smart products?

To learn more about our Smart Products, why not talk to one of our specialists? You can see exactly how smart products work, and how they can help your team save time and money.

To arrange a meeting with one of our specialists, please book here.