How do I get started?

Start by creating an account – It’s free! Just click “Register Free” on the top right of this page and get set up. Once you’ve created your account, you can begin adding employees and their training.

You may have some questions at first, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support.

I was invited to myComply by a General Contractor. Where do I go from here?

Your general contractor has asked you to join myComply so that you can share your employees’ safety information before they appear on site.

You will have received a link via email from your General Contractor. Click the link and follow our setup wizard to begin adding your employee information. Once you have completed the setup wizard, you can visit our site at any time to keep your information up to date.

I’ve created an account, and now I see several tabs: Profile, Companies, and Projects. What’s the difference?

myComply breaks up features into three categories, to simplify navigation. The tabs work as follows:

  • Profile is all about you as an individual. You can add your personal information, certifications, and a photo of yourself.
  • Companies provides a list of all the companies you are a part of. Click on a company to view all its’ employees, their safety certifications, and their information.
  • Projects allows you to share the information contained in the Companies tab with other companies.
How can I upload several employees at once?

Using our bulk upload feature, you can upload as many employees as you want, all at the same time! Under “Bulk operations”, in the companies tab, you’ll just have to download our sample upload spreadsheet and follow the format we provide.

I’d like to let other team members access our company data. Is this possible?

Yes! Under the Companies tab, you’ll see a Permissions button. Click on that to designate access to different employees.

  • Company admin allows full access and control of all data. Use this for your top-level managers.
  • Company view allows full access of all data, without the ability to edit anything. Use this for supervisors who need access to every employee’s information.
  • Personal only allows access to the profile Use this for your employees.
Can I share my employees’ safety information with other companies?

Using our projects feature, companies can collaborate to instantly share information across a job site. To learn more about our projects feature, please visit the information page.

    I want to access my safety information as quickly as possible. How can I do this?

    myComply’s smart technology allows instant access to any employee’s safety information. Safety supervisors can tap their phone to an employee’s smart product to instantly bring up all their certifications and personal information.

    To learn more about smart products, please visit the Smart Badge page.  

      Does myComply have a mobile app?

      myComply has several applications available on both the Android and Apple app stores. These applications apply mainly to the New York market, notably SST solutions.

      If you’d like to access myComply on the go, you can always visit our site from your mobile device. The site is fully functional on your mobile device – Anything you do on your computer can be done on your mobile phone. 

        I’d like to offer online examinations for my employees. Can I upload tests for my employees to fill out and have graded?

        Currently, myComply does not function as learning management software. You can upload documents for your employees to view, but myComply does not track whether those documents have been read or filled out.

          I’d like to manage and sell training classes on myComply. Is this possible?

          Absolutely. To start managing your training classes, please contact us at