For Subcontractors


Built for subs to make internal tracking and sharing of safety training easy.




The Challenge

Subcontractors have many employees and often lots of turnover. Tracking safety training for each worker can take lots of time and persistent effort to stay on top of expiry dates, new training, and training required to work on job sites with General Contractors. 

The Business Need

A subcontractor is looking to find a solution that is easy-to-use and can replace manual tracking for their workers. There is a need for a solution where all tracking can be shared easily to the various General Contractors that a sub works for. 

The Solution

Using myComply to track worker training, and communicate training records effectively to GCs on projects. 

Case Study: 

Barbara, The Office Administrator

Barbara manages the safety documentation for a local plumbing company. Barbara’s company is 30-40 people and she makes sure that all worker’s training is kept up to date in her spreadsheet. The challenge for Barbara is there is a lot of turnover and it can be difficult staying on top of various training expiration or making sure her workers are trained suitably for her General Contractor’s needs.  

Business Need

Barbara would benefit from a solution that notifies her when her workers training is due to expire, and something where she could easily send training information to GCs on job sites. She’d love to ditch her spreadsheets and find an easier way, but doesn’t know what to use. 

The Solution


myComply has replaced Barbara’s spreadsheet, she gets emails every time her workers are due for training and she easily submits safety data at her GC’s request to various projects. 

The Result

Barbara has freed up a lot more time to get other administrative tasks done, and she is more accurately managing her team’s safety information. 

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