myComply for Subcontractors

myComply is the essential certification management software for Subcontractors. Plus, you can easily share certifications and other information with all General Contractors managing their projects with myComply.

Here’s how it works.

I have cut various administrative tasks that may have taken up to 2 weeks down to about 2 days using myComply. If someone needs information about a worker, I am no longer stuck with digging through personnel files. I can find what I need or run a report in 10 seconds.”

– Mary Begnoche, Safety & Compliance Administrator, Alterman Inc.

How Certification Manager Works

Reduce administrative strain by digitizing worker certifications.

mycomply for subcontractors certification manager

Digitize Certifications

Scan and upload worker qualifications to myComply’s Certification Manager

Receive Expiry Notifications

Ensure that timely certification renewals are scheduled with automated reminders.

Create Training Matrices

Organize and filter workers by job title, function, certifications, and more.

Create Worker Profiles

Each worker can manage their certifications, emergency contact info, and more.

Collaborate on Projects

Pair worker profiles with Smart Badges and receive/share documentation with GCs.

Certification upload on myComply

Upload Certifications

Worker certifications can be easily be scanned and uploaded to our Company Certification Manager. Here are some of the benefits:

   » Eliminate spreadsheets

   » No-need to carry physical copies

   » Easy-to-use import wizard

   » Integrated worker profiles

   » Access certifications on any smart device


Receive Expiry


Never miss a certification expiration again with automated expiry notifications. This ensures that timely renewals can be scheduled, and on-site workers are always qualified to be there.

   » Automated in-platform alerts

   » Automated email reminders

upcoming certification expiry email mycomply
Training matrices myComply

Unlock Training


Easily filter and organize your workforce based on specific skills and training by creating a training matrix.

  » Organize workers by job title

  » Organize workers by certifications

  » Identify certifications approaching expiry


Seamlessly Share


Need to share certifications with a General Contractor or other stakeholder? Do it in one-click with Company Certification Manager.

  » Share certifications, training, and more

  » Attach personal messages

  » Automatically generate public links

  » Deliver straight to the recipient’s inbox

seamlessly share documentation on mycomply
seamlessly share documentation on mycomply

Seamlessly Share


Need to share certifications with a General Contractor or other stakeholder? Collaborate and share certifications, training, and other worker-related qualifications in just one click.

smart badge collaboration for subcontractors using myComply

Integrate with

Smart Badges

Make worker training documentation accessible on-site by pairing myComply worker profiles with Smart Badges.

   » NFC and Bluetooth capable badges

   » Badges can be read by any smart device

   » Badges can be used for access control

   » Generate automated manpower logs

   » Ensure every worker on-site is qualified


Receive Info from

General Contractors 

Do you have workers on a project that is being managed by myComply? Unlock additional benefits, such as:

   » In-platform document transfer

   » Simplified project enrollment

   » General Contractor communications

   » Emailed manpower logs from projects

receive timesheets from projects

Project Enrollment Models

Working with a General Contractor that’s using myComply? Learn more about your project participation based on each use case.

managed subcontractor workflow with myComply

Managed Subcontractors

Under this model, a General Contractor will procure an enterprise agreement with myComply and the necessary seats for Subcontractors to use Company Manager for project collaboration. 

enrolled subcontractors with myComply

Enrolled Subcontractors

Under this model, a General Contractor will require all contributing Subcontractors on a project to purchase their own Company Manager subscription in order to collaborate on projects.

Intelligently Manage Certifications with myComply