For General Contractors


Built to make the exchange of safety training and documentation on projects seamless.




The Challenge

General contractors are tracking down safety documentation manually from subcontractors and working to obtain accurate and up-to-date safety training for workers on projects. 

The Business Need

An easier solution to collect safety documentation and worker training that does not require tons of manual intervention.

The Solution

Using myComply on projects to collaborate with subcontractors and gain safety documentation faster and easier. 

Case Study: 

Joe, The Director of Safety

Joe is the Safety Director for a large national General Contractor and works out of Austin, Texas.  Joe works to lead safer projects but struggles to obtain safety documentation from subcontractors. Joe finds it difficult and time-consuming to get the safety information he needs in a timely manner from various subs on projects.

Business Need

Joe needs a more effective way to exchange safety documentation with his subcontractors, and would like to have up-to-date information for the various workers on his job site. He wants to save time and ensure that the job sites his team manages exceed safety standards.

The Solution


myComply has become Joe’s lifeline, and he starts every project by sending an invite to his subs. 

The Result

Joe is able to send invitations to projects, gain safety documents in seconds, and see what training workers have on his site through one dashboard. This has significantly improved Joe’s site safety. 

How to get set up – 3 easy steps:

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3) Invite Subcontractors

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