How does myComply work with Procore?

By signing up with Procore, you can synchronize information between both sites. Every hour, information added to Procore will be automatically added to your myComply account.

This information includes employee lists and their contact information, projects you’re working on, subcontractors on projects, and more. We charge no extra fee for synchronization with Procore.

Can I log into myComply using my Procore credentials?

Yes, simply select “Log in with Procore” at

Is there a way to import only some of your Procore employees?

Unfortunately, all employees must be added at once when synchronizing with Procore. Please be aware that inviting employees to myComply via Procore will invite all employees at once.

How does Upload Imported Projects differ from the Projects tab?

Upload Imported Projects determines which of your Procore projects will appear on myComply. You can use this button at any time to add or remove your Procore projects from myComply. Once you have all your Procore projects added, you can view them in the Projects tab.

Can you sync your account at any time?

Yes, by clicking “Manual Sync”. Procore syncs with myComply automatically every hour on the hour so you don’t have to! Integration must be manually enabled in order to manually sync.

When I log into Procore, it takes me to myComply. How do I stop this?

Procore users should access the Procore web application by going to when they are actively logged into myComply. This will allow you to access both myComply and Procore simultaneously.