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Built for New York City’s Local Law 196

A database designed to store worker training, SST cards, and safety information




Use myComply to Generate Daily Training Logs

When a general contractor uses myComply to organize and store safety information on projects with their sub trades, they will be able to generate daily safety logs for worker’s on their job site. 

Step 1. Start a project on myComply
Step 2. Add Subcontractors to the project
Step 3. Click ‘LL196 Button’ to generate a required daily training log

Display SST Cards on Daily Logs

Local Law 196 requires all contractors to maintain a daily log of construction workers and supervisors on site. The daily log must keep track of a worker’s training and display proof of a worker’s SST card. 

myComply is able to track and maintain documentation necessary to generate an accurate daily log for construction workers on site, no matter who is issuing an SST card in New York City. 

Generate Your LL 196 Daily Compliance Logs

It doesn’t matter which training organization issues the SST card.

All SST cards issued in New York City can be stored, tracked, and generated into daily logs with myComply’s free software.

SST Card Requirements: Important Dates

December 1st, 2019 - Next NYC DOB Deadline for SST Cards








If you’re a supervisor, you’re required to have the following SST card by December 1st, 2019:

  • Supervisor Site Safety Training (SST) Card

If you’re a construction worker, you’re required to have one of the following SST cards by December 1st, 2019:

  • Temporary Site Safety Training (SST) Card
  • Limited Site Safety Training (SST) Card
  • Full Site Safety Training (SST) Card

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