Site Safety Training Card (aka. The SST Card)

The Site Safety Training Card (SST Card) is required on all large development construction sites in New York City. NYC Permit holders are responsible for ensuring SST cards are present for all workers.

The SST Card in New York City

Tap a smartphone to the card and you’ll see all of the training that a worker has. The SST Cards are powered using Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing them to communicate with mobile devices.

The following SST Card (pictured below) is the Standardized Official SST Card, as stated by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). The official card is offered by approved DOB Course Providers. If you are a DOB-Approved Course Provider in New York City, contact the NYC DOB to start offering the SST Card at your place of business.


New York City SST Card Design

DOB NOTICE: As of January 1st, 2022 all construction workers on major construction sites in NYC must obtain an SST Card.

SST Card + myComply Integration

Use the SST Card on a myComply powered construction site to ensure that all workers accessing the site are qualified. Deny workers who do not meet site training requirements. 

Ensure that every worker on the job site is qualified with myComply’s access control solutions; built for New York City construction. 

LL 196 Education & FAQs

 Did you know that Local Law 196 (LL 196) requires all construction workers in New York City to receive a minimum of 40 hours of approved training? And, for supervisors, there is a 62 hour minimum of approved training.

Did you know that if the NYC DOB discovers that a worker on a construction site is untrained, the Department will issues a violation with civil penalties that go as high as $5,000 per untrained worker on-site?

Get answers to these questions and more by exploring the SST Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


Where can I get an SST Card?

 All construction workers on major construction sites must meet Site Safety Training prerequisites. Employers and workers alike can arrange all prerequisite training with a department-approved course provider. 

Once a worker meets training prerequisites, they can obtain the official New York City Site Safety Training Card. To get an official New York City SST Card, contact a DOB-approved course provider – click the button below.