New York City’s SST Card 

SST Card and course provider database built for New York City’s LL 196.

The SST Card

 Tap a smartphone to the card and you’ll see all of the training that a worker has. myComply SST Cards are powered using Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology, allowing them to communicate with mobile devices.

The following SST Card (pictured right) is the myComply SST Card, offered by various DOB Course Providers. If you are a DOB-Approved Course Provider in New York City, contact us to start offering the SST Card.

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LL 196 Education & FAQs

LL 196 requires all construction workers in New York City to receive a minimum of 40 hours of approved training. For supervisors, there is a 62 hour minimum of approved training.

Permit holders on job sites in NYC are subject to various penalties and fines, learn more below:

March 1, 2021 - All Workers Must Have SST Cards