Project Safety Compliance

The nucleus for vital safety documentation and information on job sites.

The Premium Safety Standard

Premium Projects for $250/month

1) Hold workers accountable
2) Badge your workforce
3) Check-in/out of the job site
4) Centralize compliance documentation
5) Share detailed R\reports

Document Management

A project in myComply is the center where all of your safety documentation lives.

  • Collect Sub-Trade information
  • Store Signed Documents
  • Centralize Data
  • Approve or Reject Submissions

Smart Badge Technology

A visual representation of training is always readily available on your job site.

  • The link to smarter access control and attendance logs
  • Create traceable ID
  • Emergency contact information accessed quickly on site
  • All certifications on every worker

Attendance & Logging

Know who is on your job site and when they were there.

  • Use Smart Badge to Check-In/Out
  • Set up mobile or stationary terminal
  • Import data automatically to myComply
  • Access detailed compliance reports

Daily Attendance on Your Project

Use your Smart Badge or myComply Smart SST Card to check into the job site. Contractors can run a mobile, stationary, or integrated check-in on their job site.

Want to start a project? 

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