Projects Pro

Intelligent hardware and connected software offering jobsite transparency for users. With Projects Pro, General Contractors, Asset Owners, Construction Managers, and permit holders can ensure a qualified workforce at all times.

“On this particular job, we have over 50 contractors, so on any given day we have 40-80 people on the site. Tracking every certification at orientation is easy… but tracking when they expire can be a very…daunting task, at times. With myComply, both systems are just automated. When someone’s certificate or license expires, they’re just not allowed onto the site.”

– Steve D’Amaro, Assistant Project Manager, Ryder Construction

How it Works

Transform construction projects into autonomous, data-rich dashboards.

Worker Onboarding

Create digital orientations to simplify new worker onboarding.

Qualification Tracking

Ensure every worker on-site meets certification requirements.

Manpower Logs

Automatically collect time and attendance data through hardware integrations.

On-Demand Reporting

Create powerful project reports for stakeholders in one-click.

Real-Time Site Analytics

There is zero delay between the jobsite and your Projects Pro dashboard.

Access Control

Implement hardware to prevent unqualified or uncertified site access.


Create Digital


Create and administer site orientations unlike ever before with myComply’s Orientations module. QR code functionality makes it easy for workers to complete their training anywhere.

   » Easy-to-use course builder

   » Distribute orientations digitally or in-person

   » Mark workers who have completed training

   » Deny site access to workers without training



Project specific orientation mockup projects pro
qualification tracking with mycomply's projects pro

Track Worker


Ensuring a 100% qualified workforce is possible with myComply. Deny access to unqualified workers and ensure that only qualified workers are gaining access to your projects.

   » Set certification requirements for Subs

   » Set certification requirements for workers

   » Receive digital documents from Subs

   » Reject workers with expired training

   » Enable access control with on-site hardware



Automate Time and

Attendance Data

Implement myComply hardware on-site to collect detailed worker time and attendance data. Simplify payroll, verify Subcontractor billing, and more.

  » Access automated timesheets in-platform

  » Flag workers that failed to check in or out 

  » See which workers are on-site in real-time

  » Send timesheets to Subs to verify billing info



automate time and attendance data using myComply's projects pro
create on-demand reports with mycomply's projects pro

Create On-Demand


Export critical workforce data to spreadsheets in one-click using Projects Pro. Available on-demand reports include:

  » Project Compliance Report

  » LL 196 Report

  » Certification Summary Report

  » Worker Detail Report

  » Timesheet Report

  » Health Screening Report


View Real-Time

Site Information

Unlike other construction tech solutions, myComply provides live reports, dashboards, and site information. Make informed decisions with data and metrics you can trust.

   » See what Subcontractors are on-site

   » Monitor manpower at Sub and worker levels

   » Ensure that deadlines are being met

   » Unlock worker demographic detail reports

   » View certifications submitted and approved


monitor projects with mycomply's projects pro
mycomply turnstile for access control

Enable Site Access


myComply’s Projects Pro software is designed to gather and display on-site information to various stakeholders. Implement project hardware to unlock access control.

   » Install Smart Bricks on access points

   » Integrate with door strikes, turnstiles, etc

   » Assign Smart Badges to workers

   » Set certification requirements for entry

   » Accept/deny worker access automatically


Software Integrations

myComply integration in the Procore marketplace


Use single sign-on capabilities to access myComply directly through your Procore dashboard. Vital workforce data from myComply’s in-field hardware, such as time and attendance, then populates Procore’s daily log.

myComply integration in the Autodesk Construction Cloud


Leverage single sign-on for an integrated Autodesk experience. Then, import BIM 360 projects, companies, and members into myComply to seamlessly track worker credentials across all of your active projects.

Turn Projects into Profits with myComply