Project Spotlight

425 Grand Concourse

The largest Passive House high-rise in the country.

myComply was chosen as the desired solution for secure construction site access control, LL 196 compliance, and certification tracking. Read on to find out more.

425 Grand Concourse: Setting a New Standard for Affordable Living in NYC

The Bronx is soon to be home to the largest mix-use Passive House in North America. This large-scale development is going to alter the skyline of the South Bronx and bring hundreds of affordable homes to this developing neighborhood.

“A large multi-family development such as 425 Grand Concourse is the ideal project for employing Passive House design, because the ratio between envelope size and enclosed building volume is very favorable. Energy-recovery ventilation, heat-recovery heating and cooling, and the added work that goes into creating an airtight building with minimal thermal bridges adds relatively little cost to a project.”

Christoph Stump

VP of Design and Construction, Trinity Financial

In other words, the Passive House building methodology leverages high-performance envelopes to provide greater airtightness as compared to conventional construction projects. This enables the building to better regulate and reduce the impacts of heat loss or temperature gain, leading to enhanced temperature control and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Couple this with solar panels, solar shading, energy recovery systems, low-energy lighting, and intelligent energy management systems, and 425 Grand Concourse will be sure to set the standard for sustainable living in the Mott Haven community.

street view of 425 grand concourse in mott haven

Source: Dattner Architects

Other amenities at 425 Grand Concourse:

  • 310,000 square feet of mixed-use living and commercial space
  • 277 apartments, reserved for low- and moderate-income individuals/households
  • A neighborhood supermarket
  • A community health center
  • A cultural center
  • An outdoor recreation deck on the 25th floor
  • Two communal lounges
  • A fitness room
  • A landscaped roof terrace on the third floor
  • A 30,000 square foot educational facility for CUNY’s Hostos Community College

This landmark project is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2022.

lower levels of 425 grand concourse passive house in the bronx

Source: Dattner Architects

Certification Management and Access Control at 425 Grand Concourse

To protect the assets on the site of the 425 Grand Concourse build, myComply was chosen as to implement certification-based access control on the project.

myComply’s in-field hardware integrates with on-site turnstiles to secure each access point on the perimeter of 425 Grand Concourse. When workers arrive on-site, they must tap their NFC Smart Badge on a turnstile-integrated Smart Brick. This action references myComply’s cloud-based software to determine whether the worker has submitted the necessary certifications required for them conduct approved work on the project. If so, site access is granted, and the gate is opened.

All this data is then aggregated in myComply’s Projects Pro dashboard, where users can create on-demand reports, view real-time site data, and more.

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Bronx, NY, United States

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