Project Spotlight

Austin State Hospital

A state-of-the-art hospital upgrade at the University of Texas.

myComply was chosen as the desired solution for documentation management, digital certification tracking, and worker badging. Read on to find out more.

Austin State Hospital: Investing in Mental Health

Construction crews have now demolished a number of dated hospital buildings at the University of Texas to make way for the construction of 380,000 square feet of state-of-the-art mental health facilities.

This 305-million-dollar project will provide 240 beds spread across ten, 24-bed units. Each bed will be a completely private room, and each unit will have therapy rooms, classrooms, exercise rooms, arts and crafts facilities, as well as additional therapy spaces.

“The new hospital creates a state-of-the art facility that will match the modern mental health care we provide our patients. We took special care with the design of the hospital to make sure it incorporates features that provide a therapeutic setting that helps with the healing and recovery of patients.”

Tim Bray

Associate Comissioner for State Hospitals, HHSC

Source: Austin American-Statesman

Complete list of Austin State Hospital amenities:

  • A public café
  • A music and art room
  • Multiple fitness facilities
  • A chapel
  • An in-house salon
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • A network of accessible trails and walking paths

Austin State Hospital provides inpatient psychiatric care for afflicted adults, teens, and children. The hospital also offers competency restoration services and long-term treatment for individuals found not guilty in trial by reason of insanity. Over 700 individuals benefited from the services provided by Austin State Hospital in 2020 and this new construction is intended to improve and expand the quality of care available to those in the state and across the country.

This portion of Austin State Hospital is scheduled to open in June 2023. For more information about hospital construction projects throughout the state, visit the Changes to the State Hospital System page  on the HHSC website.

Certification/Document Management and Employee Badging at Austin State Hospital

myComply is being used to streamline the onboarding process and digitize worker certifications on the Austin State Hospital project.

To comply with local mandates, every worker on the Austin State Hospital project needs to be able to demonstrate that they have all of the necessary training to be conducting safe work on the jobsite. myComply makes this possible by allowing Subcontractors to digitize and share their certification documentation through Company Certification Manager. The General Contractor can then receive, approve, and manage this information from their Projects Pro dashboard.

However, that doesn’t solve the problem of presenting documentation on-site… Which is where the Smart Badge comes in. The General Contractor can pair these badges with worker profiles, so that workers can carry their digital proofs with them wherever they go.

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