Time and Attendance for Construction

A flexible time and attendance solution, built for construction companies. Tailor the system to your specific project requirements with standalone solutions or integrated access control, powered by Bluetooth and NFC technologies.  


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Time and attendance information is gathered on-site via myComply hardware. The software then provides easy access to this information.

  » Review worker hours logged

  » Review subcontractor hours logged 

  » Identify workers that failed to check-in/out

  » User admins can adjust sheets if necessary


automate time and attendance data using myComply's projects pro
create on-demand reports with mycomply's projects pro


Create On-Demand


Export critical workforce data to spreadsheets in one-click using Projects Pro. Available on-demand reports include:

  » Project Compliance Report

  » LL 196 Report

  » Certification Summary Report

  » Worker Detail Report

  » Timesheet Report

Real-Time Dashboard Summaries

monitor projects with mycomply's projects pro

Daily Subcontractor Activity

myComply’s time and attendance information shows which subcontractors are logging the most hours during a given time frame. Measure how long subcontractors are on the job and quickly understand their efforts/progress at the subcontractor level or worker level.

On-Site Worker Count, by Subcontractor

Want to see which subcontractors arrived on-site? Need to quickly reference the amount of traffic at the project? The ‘on-site’ summary card gives a clear indication as to how busy the project is at any given time and what workers are on-site in real-time.

View Personnel with Authorized Access

Workers are unable to log any time and attendance information without authorized access to the site. myComply allows you to give access (or reject it) to workers based on their qualifications. You control who is able to access the site and log hours.


myComply’s Smart Brick

Transform site entry points or access points into powerful data generators with myComply’s LTE-powered Smart Brick.

  » Integrate with access control hardware on-site

  » Use NFC beacons/badges to generate data through active interaction

  » Use Bluetooth badges to generate data through passive interaction

  » Facilitate certification-based access control, if necessary



myComply on-site construction hardware: smart brick
smart badge collaboration for subcontractors using myComply


myComply’s Smart Badge

These worker badges make it possible to generate time and attendance data through interaction with myComply Smart Bricks.

   » NFC and Bluetooth capable badges to meet your unique needs

   » Badges store worker training and can be read by any smart device

   » Eliminate the need for paper proofs by digitizing certifications

   » Generate automated manpower logs with Smart Brick interaction


Connect with Existing Solutions

myComply integration in the Procore marketplace


Using Procore? Access myComply through your Procore dashboard with single sign-on (SSO). Then, share time and attendance data collected by myComply to Procore documents automatically, like Procore’s daily log.

myComply integration in the Autodesk Construction Cloud


Access myComply through single sign-on with Autodesk. Then, import BIM 360 projects, companies, and members into myComply to easily facilitate time and attendance tracking on your projects.

Automate Data Collection with myComply