Company Manager

A simple solution to manage compliance documentation and safety training certifications.

A better way to manage your team. 

Upload, Manage, & Store Safety Certifications

Upload Proof

Take pictures for proof of documentation or upload scanned images of certifications. Store images on myComply profiles and send information to those who request it. 

Store Information

Upload your current tracking spreadsheet into the platform, or add worker information individually. All information is securely stored in the cloud, accessible at anytime, anywhere.

Expiration Alerts

Company Admin Users will receive email notifications as to when training is about to expire and when worker training has expired. Never miss when a worker need training renewed. 

Book Training Before It’s Expired!

myComply started to work with safety trainers and course providers in New York City, but we are expanding into new markets. Let us know who does your training and we will contact them – they can list their courses, classes and services online for you to book and automatically store in myComply.