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How does the myComply SST Card work? 

The 3 Steps for NYC DOB Approved Trainers to Get Started

Step 1: DOB Approved Trainer Uploads Trainees & Students into myComply


Any DOB approved safety trainer in NYC can contact our team at myComply and become an SST Card provider. We help you and your team input student data into the myComply database, which allows all of your NYC SST Cards to become smart cards.

A smart SST Card will pull up all worker training information at the touch of a smartphone, as seen in the diagram above. 


Step 2: Trainer Prints the Student Profile on the myComply SST Card


Once your team has the data inside of myComply’s trainer database, you’re able to print the SST Card. myComply will custom print the blue SST Card that you see below, and your team will print the profile information on the back of the card. 

In order to comply with the DOB’s SST Card requirements, your team has to provide profile information on the back of the card. This includes a photo, course list, issued date, expiry, and a unique ID of the worker. myComply’s system will generate the image for the back of the card automatically. Once generated, you can print individual or hundreds of SST cards from your printer solution. 


Step 3: Trainer Programs myComply’s Smart SST Card to worker profile


Programs hundreds of SST cards easily. Simply tap the worker’s card to the myComply card writer, this will input all of the worker’s training information to the card. 

By programming an SST card, you enable the worker to always have their training information on them. Whenever a worker is on a construction site, all they will have to do is show their SST Card to present photo proof of all of their training. 

myComply technology is the most secure and the fastest reading smart card SST solution on the market. We ensure that our cards are not counterfeited, and that all myComply SST Cards are securely connected to the myComply platform. 


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