Access Control & Attendance

Detailed insights into which workers are on your job site and when they are there.

Track Attendance on Your Job Site

myComply’s access control solutions are built for small and large scale job sites. Some of our solutions are specifically tailored for New York City contractors, in regards to Local Law 196.

Mobile Attendance Tracking

Kiosk Access & Attendance
(NYC Only)

Turnstile Access & Attendance
(NYC Only)

It All Starts With The Smart Badge

A smarter job site starts with the Smart Badge, by myComply. To gain access to detailed reporting, attendance logs, and live on-site safety information you’ll need these on your site.

Try Smart Badges on your next project! 

The Mobile Attendance Tracker Application

Taking job site attendance has never been easier. The mobile attendance tracker app (iOS & Android) allows job sites to generate accurate daily attendance by checking worker into site with their Smart Badge. 

Smart Badges power your job sites with rich data and detailed reporting.

  • Closely monitor a sites daily activity
  • Relay reports/info to insurance providers
  • View which workers are on site in the case of an emergency. 

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