Real-Time Insights.
On-Demand Reports.

Automatically gather detailed site information as it happens allowing you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

LIVE ON-Site Data

Your project dashboard display live, real-time worker attendance data.

On-Demand Reports

Generate project specific reports to help make data-driven decisions.

Project Notifications

Get notified when docs are submitted & when training has expired.

80% faster Onboarding

Get subs to site quick. Realize 80% faster onboarding on projects.

cloud Storage

Unlimited storage of contractors, workers, and documents.

Procore integration

Share information from myComply to your Procore dashboard.

How it works.


The myComply Kiosk is cellular connected and gathers on-site attendance data seamlessly. Mount these units anywhere on site.

myComply Kiosks can be used as a standalone solution or can be integrated to unlock a door strike or communicate with a turnstile gate.  


The turnstile solution is an option for contractors looking for an added layer of security on their site(s).

myComply offers a variety of turnstile options. Install a kiosk on an existing turnstile, or used one of myComply’s trusted vendors for an assembled turnkey solution delivered to your job.

Featured Turnstile Partner

With myComply & Turn A Stile you can have a turnkey solution delivered to your job site.
Contact us to arrange a delivery.