Ensure A 100% Trained Workforce On Your Site.

Verify valid, up-to-date training for ALL workers before they access the site. Explore insurance benefits of a 100% trained workforce.

Deny Untrained Workers Access.

LEss Incidents

Up-to-date training means less risk of costly mistakes and oversight.


Lower EMR (mod-factor) with the implementation of myComply.

Insurance savings

70% of active projects using myComply receive insurance benefits.

How it works.


The myComply Kiosk is cellular connected and gathers on-site attendance data seamlessly. Mount these units anywhere on site.

myComply Kiosks can be used as a standalone solution or can be integrated to unlock a door strike or communicate with a turnstile gate.  


The turnstile solution is an option for contractors looking for an added layer of security on their site(s).

myComply offers a variety of turnstile options. Install a kiosk on an existing turnstile, or used one of myComply’s trusted vendors for an assembled turnkey solution delivered to your job.

Featured Turnstile Partner

With myComply & Turn A Stile you can have a turnkey solution delivered to your job site.
Contact us to arrange a delivery.