Access Control & Attendance Software

Real-time insights into which workers are on your job site and what time(s) are there.

Smart Access Control Software, Built for Construction

Live on Site Data

Project Notifications

Unlimited Cloud Storage

On-Site Reports

Procore Integration

Track Attendance on Your Job Site

Mobile Attendance Tracking

Kiosk Access & Attendance

Turnstile Access & Attendance

Attendance Tracker (App) 

The myComply Attendance Tracker mobile application allows workers to check-in and check-out of site with on site personnel.

Site admin staff can operate the application for free and automatically send on-site information to myComply’s dashboard. 

myComply Kiosk

The myComply Kiosk is cellular connected and gathers on-site attendance data seamlessly. Mount these units anywhere on site.

The myComply Kiosk connects to turnstile hardware, can unlock a door strike, or can standalone to collect attendance data.

Stainless Steel Turnstile

The myComply Turnstile is a stainless steel turnstile mounted on a 304-stainless base-plate, designed to move easily with a fork.

These units are complete with access control hardware and can be delivered as a turnkey solution on site.

Vital Project Data Reports

With myComply, you can easily gather: 

• Compliance Reports
• LL 196 Reports (New York City) 
• Certification Summaries
• Worker Detail Reports
• Timesheet Reports
• Daily Health Screening Reports

Compatible Solutions