Attendance on Your Project

Who and when workers are on your job site.

The Old Way

General Contractor:
“Please fill out this paper log when
you arrive on site!”

The New Way

General Contractor:
“Use your Smart Badge to check-in
and out of the site!”

Automate Your Process

Have all workers check-in and out of the job site using Smart ID badges and hardhat decals. Mandate that all individuals at your site take attendance at the same access point, generating your company an accurate attendance of who was on site and when they were there.

How It Works

Use your Smart Badge or myComply Smart SST Card to check into the job site. Contractors can run a mobile, stationary, or integrated check-in on their job site.


A mobile app on your smartphone, gathering worker attendance anywhere on site.


A stationary check-in station managed by site personnel on a laptop or desktop.

Access Control Integration

Already have an access control provider? Ask us to integrate the Smart Badge with it! 

It All Starts With The Smart Badge

A smarter job site starts with the Smart Badge, by myComply. To gain access to detailed reporting, attendance logs, and live on-site safety information you’ll need these on your site.

If you want to try these on your next project, use the request button or book a demo!