Control the Spread on Your Sites.

On-site screening and real-time insights to assist with detection, prevention, and informed contact-tracing.

Health Surveys

Automate daily health surveys to ensure workers are self-reporting symptoms.


Automatically detect the presence of a mask & verify temperature on-site.


Know who is on-site and when they were there at all times.

“In regard to COVID-19, we are using myComply to assist with temperature screening and contact tracing. Each day we collect a site map from our subcontractors that shows where their crews are working. When we combine myComply’s onsite reports with this map, we can identify people who may have been impacted by potential exposure to COVID.”

Nathan Slavin - Bozzuto Construction

Director of Safety, VIEW CASE STUDY

How it works.


Before a worker enters the job, ensure they are not displaying symptoms of fever and are wearing a mask. The myComply kiosk can be combined with the power of a TemproScreen to ensure masks, fevers, and the appropriate safety training is present when a worker checks-in to site.


The Temproscreen is design to easily screen workers on-site. Automate manual detection processes and ensure all workers are fit to be on-site. 

Contact Tracing

If an outbreak occurs, isolate it immediately and know exactly which workers may have been exposed.

“Recently, when we had an asymptomatic COVID case occur on-site, we were able to isolate the worker’s activity to three specific units on the first floor of the project. This allowed us to quickly and accurately target these areas, have them professionally cleaned, and inform nearby workers to help limit the possibility for additional exposure.”

Nathan Slavin - Bozzuto Construction

Director of Safety, VIEW CASE STUDY