COVID-19 Control
On site screening and real-time insights to help prevent the spread of disease. 

Daily Health Screening Survey

(Pictured) myComply’s daily health survey questionnaire on mobile phone.

On Site Questionnaire

Daily health surveys are designed to screen workers; asking questions related to travel, symptoms, etc. 

How it works:

1) Post on-site signage (QR code)

2) Workers scan QR with any mobile phone, and fill out health survey daily.

3) Survey results are sent to GC, worker is told to either (a) proceed to site, or (b) check-in with site manager if survey results are flagged


Automated Mask & Temperature Detection

The Temproscreen is designed to easily screen workers on site. Automate manual processes in place to monitor symptoms and ensure workers are wearing proper facial PPE. 

Workers who are not showing signs of a fever and have a facial covering will be permitted to site. Workers running a high temperature or lack facial coverings will be flagged and alerted.

On Site Tracking

If an outbreak occurs on site, know who was there and when they were there. 

Live on Site Data

Project Notifications

Unlimited Cloud Storage

On-Site Reports

Procore Integration

Vital Project Data Reports

With myComply, you can easily gather: 

• Compliance Reports
• LL 196 Reports (New York City) 
• Certification Summaries
• Worker Detail Reports
• Timesheet Reports
• Daily Health Screening Reports