myComply® is excited to announce a new integration with Autodesk® BIM 360®, a leading construction management software. With this BIM 360 integration, companies using Autodesk and myComply can confidently maintain a compliant workforce on their construction sites. Using information pulled directly in to myComply from BIM 360 projects, teams using both solutions can now manage safety and compliance documentation more easily.

“The construction industry is adopting technology solutions at a rapid pace and forward-thinking contractors are gaining a real competitive advantage,” said Lee Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of myComply. “By connecting myComply to BIM 360, data can seamlessly transfer between both platforms and dramatically improve workforce transparency on any job site. It is our mission at myComply to ensure a compliant workforce on all projects.”

“On big projects with many team members and various technology solutions, critical information can get lost in the shuffle,” says James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Safety and compliance data is essential to project success, and making it easier to manage this information not only drives productivity, but also helps keep teams and projects safe.”

myComply provides the construction industry with insightful workforce data and safety analytics. The platform is designed to make compliance information more accessible on job sites.

The BIM 360 integration with myComply enables users to:

  • Log into myComply using Autodesk credentials
  • Import information from BIM 360 projects, as well as information on teams and individuals working in BIM 360, into myComply
  • In myComply, set subcontractor and/or worker-level documentation requirements for all those involved on a project
  • Understand which workers are on site at any given time, how long they were there and access valid proof of safety training/certifications on-demand

Once projects are set up in myComply, Autodesk users can use the platform to manage, store, and share compliance information and documentation. With the addition of myComply’s access control hardware on construction sites, users can gather detailed data and reports from the job. Know who’s on the site in real-time, the training that they have, and the total hours each subcontractor has worked.

myComply’s product team plans to integrate with Autodesk Construction Cloud™ applications in even more ways in the future. You can also check out the integration listing here.

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