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2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness (Virtual Online Class) - Mandarin

 This course will help trainees become generally familiar with adverse effects of drug and alcohol in the workplace. Trainees will be able to recognize problems associated with substance dependency. This training may also help trainees better recognize and understand issues of chemical dependence that may adversely affect the lives. 

Technical Requirement

-Mobile, computer or tablet device

Zoom downloaded and installed

-An internet connection

-Speaker and microphone

-A webcam or HD webcam-built-in or USB plug-in

Full technical recommendation can be found here

Course Prerequisite

Student will receive SST card or course certificate subject to proof of prior training and proof of identity as specified by NYC DOB requirements. Please find more detailed information in course registration steps & requirement section.

Virtual SST 10-Hour Bundle (drop down section)

30-Hour on-site training OSHA Card within 5 years validation

Course Registration Steps & Requirement

  • Browse available course information and schedule. Carefully go through the course instruction page and determine your ability and availability of completing each course. Always contact our consulting team when you have any questions.
  • Using the following methods to make payment and save your receipt
    • Website checkout
    • Zelle in banking app
  • Complete course registration form. Make sure you provide correct and up-to-date contact information as they are essential through the course process.
  • Prepare and send course required documentations including
    • Provide clear copy of 4 points of proof to verify your identity. Use this points charts to see whether you have the right documents. You can submit any combination that equals 4 points. Please note that all information must be visible so please check the image before you submit.
    • For courses that require the issue of a wallet-size photo identification card, you must submit a photo in under requirement:
      • REQUIRED: Photograph of the person to whom it was issued.
        • Photo Requirements:
          • In color
          • Taken against a plain cream or light grey background
          • Clear and in focus
          • No more than 2 years old
        • The image should:
          • Show a close-up of full head and shoulders without any other objects or people
          • Be between 29mm and 34mm high from the crown to the chin
        • In addition the photo should show the card applicant:
          • Facing forward and looking straight at the camera
          • With a neutral expression and mouth closed
          • Without anything covering the face
          • In clear contrast to the background
          • Without a head covering (unless it’s worn for religious or medical reasons)
          • With eyes open, visible and free from reflection or glare from glasses
          • With eyes not covered by sunglasses, tinted glasses, glasses frames or hair
          • Without any ‘red eye’
          • Without any shadows
    • Send proof of prior training such as a clear copy of 30-Hour on-site training OSHA Card within 5 years validation or course completion certificate. Please refer to course prerequisite section of each course. Also please note the name on the proof of prior training must be the same as the prospective student’s proof of identity.
  • Check your contact methods frequently and be prepared to receive further course information and instructions as you approaching to the course start date.

Submission Guideline

Please submit all the documents, especially above person photograph & picture ID TOGETHER within one email prior to the start of class to . Separate email with only a photograph of self is not allowed as we will not know who you are. Please enter your registered course name, course date and your name in the email subject line. Please note completion card or course certificate will not be issued until we receive all the acceptable and qualified requirement documents.

Virtual Course Policy

  • To ensure you have a smooth class experience, it is your responsibility to test your technical devices and supportive devices prior to the class start time. Also, please make sure that you are familiar with the functions and features of Zoom application. Try to log in 15 minutes prior to the actual class start time and test around by yourself. Always contact our active proctor or our team member when you have problems or concerns.

  • Prohibit the disclosure of the course link, course meeting ID and password and all other sensitive course information. Failure to do so can result in automatically course cancellation with no courses fee refund.

  • As a course etiquette purpose, please keep your mic muted at all times unless otherwise requested by the instructor or proctor. Use the chat or raise hand feature for any questions or comments. However please do not publish any non-related message or act any inappropriate behavior during all class time. Students who fail to do so can result in automatically course cancellation with no courses fee refund.

  • Strictly follow the class manual, course curriculum and instructor’s arrangement. Notify proctor or our team member if there is any unexpected issues.

  • Any student logging in 15 minutes past class start time will not be allowed to participate in the course and will have to retake the course at a later date as further notified. Keep in mind that makeups are not applicable for all courses.

  • Your participation in the training will be recorded and monitored at all times by the instructor, an active proctor, and an attention tracking feature within Zoom. You must show yourself in the camera at all time during class sessions. If the Zoom application is not in focus for more than 30 seconds, an alert will be sent to the active proctor. If there is more than one instance of this during the course, you may be removed from the course.

  • You must attend 100% of the training event. If any connectivity issues or emergency circumstances occur, you must immediately contact us for additional instructions. Long time absence may result in an incomplete of the course, and make up may be required (If applicable – makeups are not applicable for all courses).

  • To record your paticipation, attendance must be taken. This will be done by sending a link to a time sensitive form for completion. If you fail to respond in the specified period of time, you will not receive credit for EVEN if you are visible during the training. For courses 5 hours or less, attendance will be taken once, For classes that meet more than 5 hours, attendance will be taken twice. Once at the beginning of the class, and again immediately following the breaktime.

  • You must complete and submit the test with a passing grade (normally 70%) after each course as directed by the instructor. Make up test may be acceptable based on specific course policy.

  • Course survey is mandatory for each student after the completion of each course. You must complete and submit the survey as required in order to receive your proof of completion. 

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