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2-Hour COVID-19 Construction Industry Awareness - English

The recent phased reopening requirements require that projects restarting after an extended shut down as well as those that have continued to work over the past few months follow strict infection prevention plans and protocols. The class covers the core elements of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the illness, the potential risk of infection, routes of exposure, and the range of related health effects. The class discusses workplace strategies, engineering, and administrative controls and the role of personal protective equipment including face coverings and respirators (they are not the same…). The class also focuses on the practical concerns of conducting construction work during a pandemic including balancing social distancing with the potential hazards inherent in this type of work. Consideration is given to the use of tools, shared equipment, multi-employer worksites, and related concerns in light of the recent phased reopening guidelines.

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