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4-Hour SST Elective Bundle - English - English
Mar 4, 2021


This  4 HR SST supervisors elective bundle course will cover the following :  
  • 1-Hour Fire Protection And Prevention training course will describe the different types of fires and how to extinguish them safely to prevent damages and injuries on the work site. These types of fires include ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, electrical fires, metal fires, and kitchen fires. Students will also learn about how to safely store different flammable materials, prevent fire hazards, and develop a Fire Plan that includes drills and headcounts. 
  • 1HR - Material Handling course, students will learn about proper lifting and handling techniques for different types of heavy materials. They will also learn about the signs of overexertion and musculoskeletal stress caused by improper lifting and handling. Students will learn how to avoid injuries from improper lifting and handling, such as back sprains, pulled muscles, joint injuries, spinal injuries, hernias, and struck-by accidents. 
  •  1HR - Asbestos and Lead Awareness course, students will learn about the health effects of exposure to asbestos and lead in the workplace; how to recognize locations on the construction site that have materials that contain asbestos and lead; how to avoid exposure to asbestos and lead; and about other safety precautions. 
  •  1HR - Flagger - One of the most important roles on a construction site is the flag person because they help keep the public and their coworkers safe around the work site. In the 1-Hour Flag Person training course, students will learn the differences and similarities between a flagger (flag person) and a spotter. They will also learn about rules designed to protect workers from vehicle strikes, problems with traffic management and control, as well as the health and safety requirements associated with construction work and traffic control. 


Day 1
Thursday, Mar 4
4:30 PM - 8:30 PM