All NYC Safety & Training

  • 589 Johnson Avenue
  • Brooklyn NY
  • United States

All NYC Safety & Training is a leader in safety training and consulting for NYC’s construction industry. Employers require their workers to be prepared and well trained, thus workers must be certified to work on construction sites. Our team of dedicated safety professionals offers professional instruction by providing students with a fully immersive learning experience. Our OSHA authorized instructors bring regulations to life by sharing field experiences related to the many standards taught in our classrooms. Our main training facility, located in 589 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn NY, contains: - Two full-sized multi-level frame scaffolds - A full-sized scaffold platform suspended from outriggers with counterweights and tiebacks - A full-sized sidewalk shed with all components - Scale models of frame and suspended scaffolds - Hands-on training stations for fall protection & ladders Our faculty prides ourselves on giving the best experience possible, by giving students the opportunity to learn by doing, not just sitting in a class looking at slide presentations. There really is no substitute for quality hands-on training provided by our experienced instructors. Come learn with us and see what you’ve been missing!