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Online Storefront for Safety Trainers

An online store designed for OSHA Trainers to conduct in-market training.

Book Training. 

Find a local trainer in the Marketplace and register yourself or schedule time for your whole team. Book & pay directly in myComply when certifications expire. Invite your training network! Recommend your trainers to use myComply and seamlessly renew worker’s training. 

Course fees vary by provider


List Your Courses/Services.

Join the myComply network of certified trainers and publish your safety courses for seamless registration & online payment processing. Manage all student records and print NFC-powered training proof, including SST cards. 

Only $250/month for unlimited use


SST Cards (New York City) 

Want to join the network? We welcome all DOB approved course providers in New York City to sell myComply SST cards. Click below to register with our team. 

Have questions on selling SST cards to your student network? Contact

Smart Badge

Centralize all proof of training on a secure NFC-powered ID badge that is scanable by smart phone. Access worker certifications and emergency contact information anywhere you are. Use to secure a project or badge your entire workforce today! 


Durable card with customizable printing options such as adding profile photo and company logo.

Starting at $5/worker.


Durable hardhat sticker providing clear visual of worker’s compliance on site with company-branding optional.

Starting at $5/worker.

Have questions on pricing a large order or a unqiue customized order? Contact

myComply Apps

myComply provides a variety of applications to ensure our smart products are efficiently used on construction sites. All of the applications developed by myComply are built to make your experience using the platform, and products, easier.

All of the apps are free to use, and you will find them in desktop versions, iOS, or android.

myComply Attendance App

myComply Desktop App

SST Card Scanner App (NYC)

myComply Badge Scanner App