For Construction Workers


Construction workers store safety training and certifications in one simple place.


The Challenge

Construction workers don’t want to carry pieces of paper around to job sites, physical certifications get lost, and you might work on various job sites.

The Worker Need

A worker needs someone to store photos of their certifications and share them directly to whoever may be requesting their up-to-date safety information.

The Solution

Using the myComply Worker App (iOS & Android) a worker is able to store all safety documentation in one place and share it with their company(s) seamlessly.

Construction workers love our app!

“Great app. Keeps track of all my certifications and lets me share them easily. Really easy to manage my certifications and take pictures.”

Brandon Maze

myComply Worker App User

“Awesome! Very handy to always have my certifications with me.”

Mark Paulsen

myComply Worker App User

“The myComply worker app allows me to quickly send my certifications to my safety manager on site.”

Ty McLean

myComply Worker App User

How to get set up – 4 easy steps:

1) Register Free

2) Download App (iOS & Android)

3) Upload Pictures of Training

4) Share Training

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